Trophy Mom

Today we spring cleaned my 17 year old son’s room. The books were hard to go through, Doctor Seuss. Corduroy Bear, Curious George stacking up like so many sticky fingered memories. The too small clothes and shoes so much easier to part with. We saved some art and tossed some notebooks.

But what to do with the 20 or so trophies accumulated since T-ball?
Cheap plastic, some already broken, some proudly magnificent! We are  talking T-ball, flag football, baseball, basketball and soccer! Age 4-15! A childhood of practices, games, early mornings and late afternoons! Seasons of hot sun and sleet, games played in crowded gyms and to empty bleachers!

So…do you save or toss these plastic/fake-metal statuettes that represent your child’s childhood sport achievements? Right now they are in the hall… Can the thrift stores even take them? But I can not bring myself to throw them away…

Any other moms out there have any ideas? Thinking maybe his big sister artist can glue them into a groovy sculpture or light fixture? Should we remove the metal strips emblazoning team, year and sport before we jettison the jumble?

These plastic 3D mementos have taken up so much space and accumulated so much dust over the years. Even though it is time to part, the photos are staying and the memories will always be with us. I hope that all of us parents out there can find some creative ways to save the best parts of those childhood sport-rites without having to add-on a storage unit!

5 thoughts on “Trophy Mom”

    1. Bring them to a prop house – Universal or Warner Bros will likely take them and then, they may find a starring moment in an upcoming movie or tv show

  1. Saying good-bye to the trappings of our children’s youth is so hard! I peeled the plaques off the trophies (easily stored) and donated the trophies to the thrift store. People do buy them to make up awards for celebrations and such.

  2. Save the top 3 and take some great photos of the rest before they go.. you can donate to Rediscover center in Pasadena and some kids will be thrilled to use them in projects.. just my 2 cents!

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